Thursday, 28 March 2013

Things you like - you're embarrassed to admit to

Things you like you're embarrassed to admit to!

We all have those "dirty little secrets." Things we like but are ashamed to admit to. The kind of things where when your friends ask you if you like it you're like; "Whaattt don't be crazy, I don't like that stuff!" The kind of things that you will only admit to when you're drunk at a party and your friends make you regret it for the next week. 

So here's some of my "dirty little secrets!" Let's begin. :)

I like Justin Bieber! Yes! My friends -- they hate him. Well most of them do anyway. But I think he's actually quite good. I don't have a problem with the Biebs! However I know if I'm in a group of JB "haters" I'm just gonna be like "Meh... yeah... I don't.. I don't listen to him." Sorry JB. To be honest I have the same thing with Nicki Minaj! I think she's great! But most of the time I'm surrounded by people who really don't like her. I also don't admit to listening to a cheeky little bit of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus' music sometimes. 

JB & Nicki Minaj in the video Beauty & a Beat

 Anyway moving on from singers -- those songs you're embarrassed to admit you like. Here's a few of mine; 
  • 212 - Azealia Banks
  • Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn
  • Thrift shop  - Macklemore
  • Eep - I could've swore there was more before I started! <3


Those TV show's from when you were younger that you loved and you still like to have a sneaky peak at every so often ;)
  • Arthur
  • Spongebob (Tbh I admit to this one, hehe.)
  • Totally Spies
  • Watch my chops
  • Billy and Mandy
  • Powerpuff Girls
  • Courage the cowardly dog
  • Heyy Arnold!
  • The wild thornberries

And then there's those movies that have all those poor ratings and all your friends are dissing! And you're just sitting there thinking; Heyy I really liked that movie! Then as your leaving the cinema your friend goes "it was terrible wasn't it?!" And you're just like .... o.o *nod,nod,nod*

I hope you enjoyed this post.
- Kimberley

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