Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ali's Easter + Spring Holiday!

Hey guys!!

Unlike Kimberley, I can't add any creative links or ideas for stuff to do over the spring break, so this one is probably going to be a short post.

Spring Break & Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year! It means lots of chocolate, and more fun to be had with the family! It also enables lots of Christian people to come together to celebrate a religious holiday. I don't understand where the chocolate Easter eggs and the Easter bunny came from, but I'm certainly not complaining!

Spring break itself is also a good time as it means we have a lot more time away from school, which, this year, I desperately need! It allows me to do so much more revision than normal, which, let's face it, is next to nothing! This year I will be mostly studying, with 11 past papers to do over the 15 days, all for English - I suck at it! So this break won't be much of a break, but more of a studyfest!

I will be taking a few days of a break before starting studying, and will be going out with my friends on the 30th. There will be some pictures taken, and they will be uploaded to our new Instagram page for you all to see! 

Anyways, I feel I might have digressed slightly!

To sum up, Easter and Spring Break are a wonderful time of year, and, if used in that way, are very productive! For anyone that does nothing over spring break, I can understand why, I was the exact same up until now!

I hope everyone has an amazing time this Spring Break and Easter, but don't each too much chocolate! ;)

Until next time, c'ya!

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