Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter & Spring Break!

Easter & Spring Break!

So it's officially Spring break where I am! Woo! This means no school for 1 day and 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong I love school but it's always great to have a break every once and a while. I'm so jealous of all those people who go off on little holiday's and things on Spring break you're so lucky! For me it's a "studyhardasyoupossiblycanoryouwillfailallyourexamsforevvvverr" period. Not only that but I can't afford to go anywhere BUT I did go to Italy last Summer which I have to say was amazing. They really do have the best ice-cream!

Anyways, you know what comes with Spring? Easter! For some it's a religious celebration for others not quite so but a way to show those close people you love them with the offering of a chocolate egg. Yummy!

So because Easter's near here's some interesting links that may be useful for you! 
P.S. none of these things were my idea but I thought they sounded great so I wanted to share them.

This website has a bunch of interesting DIY Easter things to do!:

A tasty recipe for nest Easter eggs! Yum! Although I'm sure it's pretty easy but here's the recipe anyway if anyone is interested; :) Melt some chocolate mix it with some cornflakes add some candy chocolate eggs and wal-lah!

Some fun activities you can do at Easter:

Um, um, ummm I'm not sure what else to add! But I hope those links are useful to at least somebody out there.

Anyway I think that's it from me! :) I'm really tempted to talk about something else but It'd be going off on a tangent so I'm not sure if I should. Jdiojfao! It's too short to write it's own blog post about so I'm going to go for it!

HER HAIR!! I want it...
Well I want the colour anyway. Hopefully soon.. it's just so beautiful! I just think it's such a nice colour! Plus she's gorgeous. That's literally all I know about Ariana Grande;
She has nice hair
She's pretty
She plays a part in the show Victorious? 
and from 1 youtube video I saw she seems super nice. 

I shall end this blog post now! I hope everyone has a great Easter and Spring break and that you have fun on your holiday's and such and enjoy your eggs! :)

- Kimberley

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