Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First Blog Post!!!

Hey guys!

My friend Kim and I decided that we would like to start blogging, which will then turn into vlogging, and we decided to start now!

There is no particular topics that we will be blogging about, rather what comes into our heads, and what we feel like talking about, so will be quite random...just a little warning for you all! ;)

Moving on...

My name is Ali, and as I said before my blogging partner is called Kim, and we came up with the genius name of 'AliandKim'!

If anyone has any suggestions of what to blog about, or if anyone wants to ask questions for us to answer, feel free to contact us! We won't bite, so don't you worry ;)

Anyways, until next time, c'ya!


P.S. Kim says that she does bite sometimes, but only occasionally :P

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